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Anonymous asked: do you feel a persons art can get better even if they haven't sketched or drew anything for a bit? i haven't drawn for a bit and when i went to sketch, i felt my art has gotten better than it was when i was younger.

For sure. That used to happen to me all the time. Sometimes I would just stop drawing. Lose inspiration. And after weeks or even month Id go back and be better than I was..I believe its because you have absorbed so much over that time its like your brain is refreshed.

Le process..colored pencil to lay out basic sketch…
Inked with copic multiliner. .
Colored with prismacolor and copic markers..
Use RENDR drawing pad..literally made for markers…non bleed.
Hope that helped a bit!


Ive got bigger fish to fry…

Anonymous asked: How do you feel about the relationship between black people and hispanic people? I remember when I was growing up and starting to learn about everything, I assumed that black and hispanic people were all good together.

Thats region to region and different nationalities ive lived in areas of the country where ita a non factor and some where it is the biggest fued.yet another issue i hope to tackle one day.


The U.S and War on Drugs



whole lotta ASS
Get better with every attempt.
this nigga use to take 10 years to make spirit bombs and God forbid he miss that shyt.

"I want to be your 1 a.m. fuck and your 1 p.m. lunch date."

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Step by Step: A Great way of Painting your own Mural without Knowing how to Draw

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Culture clash between two brothers on modern vs. tradition
A monk and a punk

love this one.


no those brothers are going to save rock and roll