Anonymous asked: I still have the fattest crush on you!!! You have beautiful skin. Your smile is amazing. I can't get enough of your art. You just keep blowing my mind πŸ’‹πŸ˜β˜ΊοΈ I really need to meet you before it's too late.

Aaww you’re sweet. Beautiful skin? Haha it’s aitr

In queens chillin.
Ill be painting live at Wrays Caribbean and seafood cuisine in Brooklyn 503 myrtle between ryerson and grand all night..come eat and meet! Peace.







The Font Conference.

i need to know what comic sans would look like

Watch the video.

Oh my frickin shit

wingdings is making me grow abs

Lmao! This is great.

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Inspired by “The Black Tape Project”
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Anonymous asked: What's your zodiac sign?


Anonymous asked: Do you read your fan mail?

Sometimes yes

Anonymous asked: Have you seen the new Transformers?

Yes it was long af. But I loved the new decepticons.

Anonymous asked: I must say your art is beyond amazing, brotha. Have you ever thought about doing some sort of comic book? Just curious. And yes, I would buy.

Thanks alot and yes I have

rainnbathh asked: Your art is so beautiful!

Thank uuu