"Create without limits. Without conviction. Do not apologize for expressing yourself. Use whatever you want, however you want. Mix crayons with oil paints damnit. Draw shyt from your nightmares and frame it. You like peanut butter? Paint about it cus somebody else out there loves fucking peanut butter as much as you and has been dying to buy a painting dedicated to it. FUCKING DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY."

- Markus Prime

Fun times wit the ladies

Anonymous asked: Would you consider using adinkra symbols in your art they are west african symbols from ghana and all have individual meanings the gye-nyame being most popular would look amazing in your work.

Sure one day soon I will look into that..youre one of many who have suggested.Thank you

@londonzhiloh playing around on my canvas lol

One the pieces I painted live in brooklyn

ocelotrevs asked: That last anon based that assumption on the fact that you implement the ankh into your work.

Yea but they really did it cus the last pic I posted was of a Pharoah and his queen and they jumped to conclusions.mind you when I first started this style I used to do mainly Egyptian cus that’s what I was into. Which even so I can draw what I please so it’s kind of annoying when people always question it. I enjoy that part of africa. To see a black empire. It’s not like I’m drawing from England smh

Anonymous asked: why do u not draw west african culture? i've noticed u only focus on egyptian culture in ur drawing. tbh, most black ppl of the western hemisphere are from the ivory coast

This frustrates me. I draw plenty of reference from west african culture. Where do people think my warrior and tribal women get their influence from? lol

venomous-vaness asked: when are you gonna draw some vanilla big booty spanish bitches, we out hereeeeeeeee lol!

Llmmaaoo I can’t deal with this one


Rosanne Katon

"I just want to make art
Have sex
And die full with a
smile on my face."

- Markus Prime



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